AWS Instance Deprecation

On October 31, 2018 AWS will be shutting down all cc2.8xlarge instances. Basespace Native Apps have been run on that type from the beginnig, though internally we have been moving over to different types.

On October 28, we will be moving all the third party and older apps on to c4.8xlarge instances. These are typically around 30% faster than cc2.8xlarge. In our testing, we have only seen one issue migrating, where an app was specifically optimized for cc2.8xlarge. We chose c4.8xlarge due to its similarity to cc2.8xlarge however typical differences you may see are: - Different performance - Faster network IO - Faster Disk IO, more disk IOPS - More cores - Larger instruction set

To ensure a smooth transition, we urge you to test out the new instance type before your apps are migrated. To do that, add a "Hostbuild": "Experimental option in to your launch specification, see below for an example.

    "CommandLine": [
    "ContainerImageId": "",
    "HostBuild": "Experimental",
    "Properties": {}

Important Note: The Experimental hostbuild is not intended for long term use, after October, its behavior will be undefined. Use only for testing apps, not for production use or publication.