• upload dataset: retains local directory structure on remote when using the --recursive flag
  • download dataset: now downloads files in parallel for a significant speed-up when downloading many small files
  • translate dataset: fix bug when converting FASTQ datasets to samples


  • new command: unlock biosample enables auto-aggregated biosamples to be used in app launches
  • new command: link file returns a signed S3 link for a given file ID
  • list appsession: add additional filters: --project-name, --project-id and --input-run
  • await appsession: add option to return appresults instead of datasets (--appresults)


  • upload dataset: add --appsession-label argument to rename upload appsession
  • await appsession: fix bug in polling delayed datasets
  • all commands: rename stdout/stderr flags to --stdout / --stderr to avoid collisions with other flags


  • get run: fix bug where several fields were missing


  • new commands: rename application, project and appsession
  • launch application: fix bug for apps using complex TabularFieldset controls
  • await appsession: fix bug waiting for appsessions that write samples


  • New commands: get / download file (by ID)
  • bs download: by default, only download what is not in the target directory already (like rsync). Use --overwrite to override
  • bs download: make project + biosample downloadable
  • bs download: fix bug where large entities (like runs) were not fully downloading
  • bs upload: fix bug where uploading a single end fastq with a validation error caused a panic


  • Fix bug in bs await appsession


  • Fixes compilation on Windows


  • v0.10.0 release: started release notes
  • bs upload dataset:
    • Progress bars
    • Control of concurrency level
    • Ability to upload generic files --type common.files
    • Ability to ignore bad readnames in fastq files
  • New command: bs translate appresult and bs translate dataset
  • New command: bs await appsession
  • bs download: add ability to download uncompressed
  • bs application launch: Add support for TabularFieldset
  • bs create project:
    • Better output
    • Error on creating existing project
  • bs list biosample: add --projectid switch
  • bs create workflow: Slightly improve usability